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We have a new electronic medical record that includes an easy to use patient portal! Web address for our portal is

Please go to PATIENT RESOURCES and click PATIENT PORTAL to find out how to sign up for and use the portal.

We also have a new appointment reminder system. Texts will be sent to the primary phone # in your child's chart. If the text does not go through, there will be a phone call and if the call does not go through, there wil be an e-mail. These reminders will go out 2 days before the appointment. Please let us know if you are not receiving appointment reminders 

Summer 2021 policies

Although Alabama no longer has a statewide mask mandate, the federal government through OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reguires that all healthcare facilities protect their employees by having patients and their families continue to wear masks. Anyone over the age of 5 MUST WEAR A MASK while in our office. All of our employees have been vaccinated against COVID 19 but we must comply with this government regulation or risk being fined.

We continue to have patients check in via text from their cars - until a large percentage of children are vaccinated, we do not want people mingling in our waiting rooms. We continue to see sick and well patients in diffent areas of our office but are no longer strickly limiting well patients to morning appointments and sick patients to the afternoon. 

We will have NO SATURDAY MORNING HOURS from Memorial Day weekend until after Labor Day.


Our providers are continuing to see only well check ups in the morning, but with some children back in school, there are more sick patients needing our attention in the afternoons. We realize that some of our families would like to schedule check ups after school. Heather Precise, a pediatric nurse practitioner who has specialized in well child care at Tots 'n' Teens for over 20 years, will be seeing check ups on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Sick children will be seen on the "sick side" of our building and no staff member will interact with well patients after being exposed to sick patients.

If you schedule a check up and then you or your child becomes ill, please call and reschedule for a sick visit or postpone your check up until everyone in your family is without symptoms of illness.

We also will continue to have Telemedicine visit available for things like ADD follow-ups, behavioral issues and follow up for chronic problems like asthma, allergies and constipation. The patient must be present for the Telemedicine visits unless this requirement is waived by the provider.


We are here to anwser any questions you have and will do our best to keep you and your child safe.


Tot 'n' Teens Pediatrics is dedicated to helping you and your family through the COVID 19 pandemic.

We ask that you educate yourself about this virus by clicking on:

PATIENT RESOURCES < PATIENT EDUCATION < then type COVID 19 into the seach field.

Please share this information with all family members!


We are taking the following precautions in our office to protect your family:

1. We ask that all patients who have had contact with persons testing positive for COVID 19 or close contact with persons who have travelled out side the state of Alabama, speak to a medical assistant or healthcare provider prior to your appointment so that you can be triaged appropriately.

2. If staff has concerns that you or your child is infected with COVID 19, you will be seen in the afternoon for a sick visit. At present we are able to send COVID tests out to reference labs but we are not able to test  children who are not having symptoms.

3. When you come to the office for a sick visit, you will be asked to stay in your car and text your child's name and appointment time to the following #  205-223-9105. You will receive a text back telling you when to come into the sick waiting room. The receptionist will direct you to an EXAM room. We do not want anyone sitting in the waiting room

4. If you have a check-up appointment, but your child has had fever or respiratory symptoms in the past 3 days or exposure to someone who is ill, please consider changing your appointment or stay in your car and text the child's name and appointment time to the following # 205-240-8441. You will receive a text back with instructions. 

5. We will have exam rooms designated for sick visits and other exam rooms that will only be used for well check ups. We will also have office staff who are only working with our well patients.

6. Because there is a shortage of  hand sanitizer, we ask that patients and family members wash hands when entering the exam room and before leaving. Medical staff will be doing the same. Hand sanitizer will be resevred for areas that do not have a sink.

7. There is also a shortage of masks. We will not be able to provide masks to patients. Our staff will be wearing masks and other protective equipement as recommended by the CDC.

8.During this time, children will continue to have ear infections, flu, strep throat, asthma flair ups,etc. We will conitinue to see our patients for those illnesses. We do not need to see children with no symptoms or very mild symptoms. We do not have the ability to test for COVID 19 in our office  but can evaluated for other things that can and need to be treated.

9 We ask that only one family member per child come to our office for an appointment if at all possible.

10. Respiratory spread of viruses is  more likely if you or your child is in a situation where they are closer than 6 feet to other individuals. For this reason, we do not want our patients to be in ER or Urgent Care waiting rooms unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Please call our office with any concerrns so that we can direct your child's care in the safest way possible.