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September 10, 2020
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With children starting back to school, the providers at Tots 'n' Teens are seeing more sick children. We continue to see only check ups in the morning and see sick children in designated exam rooms in the afternoon. We understand that some families would like to schedule their check ups after school. Heather Precise, a pediatric nurse practicioner who has specialized in well child care at Tots 'n' Teens for over 20 years, will be seeing check ups on Monday and Thursday afternoons. None of our office staff will be interacting with those here for check ups after comign in contact with sick patients that day.

If you have scheduled a check up and then find that you or your child is ill, please call out office to schedule a sick visit or postpone your check up until everyone in your family is without symptoms of illness.

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have and help you through these difficult times. If anyone in your family has exposure to COVID 19 or symptoms of the COVID 19 virus, please let us know.

We are still offering Telemedicine visits for things like ADHD follow ups, behavioral issues, and follow up of chronic problems such as asthma, allergies and constipation. The patient needs to be present for these video visits unless this requirement is waived by the doctor. 

By Tots 'N' Teens Pediatrics
September 10, 2020
Category: Child Health
 Tips to Help Your Child Eat HealthierYou want your child to lead a healthy, happy life but it can be difficult if they are picky eaters or only seem to crave junk food. If you’re having trouble making smart nutritional choices when it comes to your kids, your child’s pediatrician can help you create some healthier eating habits and map out a treatment plan if your child is currently struggling to lose excess weight.

Choose Smarter Snacks

Kids always seem hungry, so they may be begging for snacks throughout the day. Snacks should be small, and they shouldn’t be enjoyed too close to mealtimes, as this could ruin their appetite. Instead of reaching for a bag of candy or potato chips try opting for smarter snack options such as nuts, apple slices or celery with peanut butter, whole-grain crackers and cheese sticks, or hummus and carrots.

Get Your Kids Cooking

One of the best ways to get your child dedicated to nutrition is by making them an active part of the process. Cooking can be fun, especially for kids, and by cooking together they will experience a source of pride in the foods they’ve helped to make (which typically leads to them being more likely to eat it). Enjoy this quality time together and show them how eating and cooking healthy foods can be fun.

Hide Healthier Foods

Particularly at the beginning of this new nutritional journey, you may find that your child has an “aversion” to eating healthy. They may turn their nose up at broccoli, carrots or certain veggies, but don’t despair. Instead of making them eat it plain, you can hide these important veggies into dishes they already love such as whole grain mac and cheese, soups, or sandwiches.

Show Your Kids How It’s Done

Kids watch and mimic what parents do, so if parents aren’t eating healthy chances are fairly good that they won’t see a reason to eat healthily either. Therefore, it’s a good idea for parents to also show how important eating healthy can be. Lead by example and this simple habit could actually improve not just your child’s health but yours as well.

A healthy child begins with a healthy diet. If you are having concerns about your child’s health and nutrition, it’s important that you talk with a qualified pediatrician to figure out the right dietary choices for your little one.