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COVID 19 UPDATE 2/27/20
March 27, 2020
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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) have published statements saying that well child check-ups, particularly for those needing immunizations, continue to be important even during the COVID 19 pandemic.

For this reason, Tots 'n' Teens Pediatrics is continuing to see children for their check-ups. 

We are taking the following steps to make our office as safe as possible:


Well checks seen on one side of the building - sick visits on the other.

EVERYONE text the front desk when you arrive and remain in your car until you receive a text or call asking you to come into the EMPTY waiting room to check in.

We will be questioning everyone about symptoms and possible exposures multiple times prior to having them seen in our office.

Our staff will be wearing person protective equipment (PPE) when we see you and your child so that we stay healthy. If you come for a sick visit and have masks aat home, please wwear them.

Please have only one adult accompany each patient.

We have started using TELEMEDICINE to evaluate many of our sick patients. Blue Cross has announced that they will be waiving co-pays for visits done by phone or video until at least 4/16/20. We are still in the process of establishing the best protocols for handling these visits. We hope to post these procedures to the BLOG early next week. For now, the medical assistant or provider may ask that you send pictures of you child, your child's temperature, weight, and other data to us prior to having the phone or video encounter with your provider. We strongly encourage this type of visit for ADD follow-ups and Asthma follow-ups. We cannot use TELEMEDICINE for check-ups at this time.

Please call us with ANY questions you have regarding your child's health and check into this BLOG for future updates.