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My Child is Well

Tots'n'Teens Pediatrics is committed to keeping your children healthy, not just today but well into adulthood . The habits your child develops now will influence health for years to come. An important part of maintaining good health is the " WELL VISIT " or routine check-up ( or for Medicaid patients the EPSDT screen). At these visits with do a complete physical examination of your child, discuss your child's growth and development as well as discuss age specific health, behavioral and safety issues. This is also an opportunity to share any concerns you may have about your child. As healthcare providers we welcome these opportunities to get to know you and your child better when you are not stressed by an acute illness.

As part of your " medical home", our providers will complete all school health forms, camp forms , or sports physical forms as long as your child's well visit is current ( within the past 12 months for children 2 years of age and older) It is not necessary to go to an urgent care clinic or have the sports physical down at the school. We know your child's medical history and therefore are best prepared to assess their needs. These forms are completed for free at well check ups- if you need one completed between check ups there is a $5 fee.