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Patient Portal

You may access your patient portal via the following link   If you have not received an e-mail with your login information or if you have any trouble logging in, please call our office at 205-856-4440 and one of our receptionists can help you.

Our Patient Portal allows you to:

1. Communicate with your doctor or other office staff via portal messages.

2. View your child's medical history including immunization records, growth charts and summaries of visits.

3. Send pictures to your doctor of things like rashes or injuries.

4. Receive documents from our office such as school excuses or health forms.

5. Complete questionnaires on-line that help your doctor evaluate your child's health, behavior and developement.

We encourage all of our patients to sign up for the patient portal. This can be done while you are in the office or by phone. Those who have signed up will automatically receive screening questionaires before some check -ups through a company called CHADIS. This will allow you to complete the forms on-line from your home instead of completeing paper forms in our office. It will also allow your doctor to reveiw this information prior to your visit, so you will have more face to face time with your doctor during the visit.