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COVID 19 - 4/3/2020
April 03, 2020
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Tots 'n' Teens continues to see well check ups in the office in the mornings from 8:30AM until 11AM. The office is closing at 4PM on weekdays until further notice. We still are open one Saturday for 8AM until 11AM

We are seeing a few sick patients in the office in the afternoon but are mostly taking care of our sick patients by phone and /or video visit. We have been so impressed by the way our patients and staff have adapted to this! I have no doubt that several of my patients have had a COVID 19  infection. Those patients have stayed at home and been evaluated by TELEMEDICINE vists. The families have treated the patient's symptoms and maintained frequent follow -up with our office but have stayed at home in quarantine, prevemting further spread of the virus. 


1. Parent calls the office and lets the receptionist know what problems the child is having. In most cases, the receptionist will suggest that a TELEMEDICINE visit be scheduled. If patient requests an IN OFFICE SICK visit, the medical assistant (MA) or provider will call and get more details .

2. For the TELEMEDICINE SICK visits, we request that YOU AND YOUR CHILD be available with your cell phone at the appointment time

3. We ask that you take you child's temperature and have the child's weight if possible.

4. The MA will call right before the appointment time, get the vital signs, enter them into the chart then let the provider know you are ready for the visit.

5. You will receive a text on your phone with a link to the video conference. When you press the link you will be placed in the provider's virtual waiting room. The doctor will see your child's name on their computer screen and open the visit. You will be able to see and hear the doctor and the doctor can hear and see you and your child.

6. Please try to be in a quiet, well lit area. We may ask you to do things like raise the child's shirt so we can watch them breathe or push on your child's belly to make sure it is soft. 

7. Please have a pen and paper available to write down any instructions that the provider gives you.

8. Some TELEMEDICINE VISITS will not require video and you may just receive a phone call from your provider.

9. We will follow up these visits with frequent phone calls to check on you and your child as needed. We ask that you call our office with ANY questions or problems .

10. Your insurance will be charged for these visits but for now Blue Cross and several other insuracne companies are waiving the co-pays .



Leading Pulmonary specialists across the country are telling us that patients with asthma and allergy problems may be at higher risk for serious COVID 19 infections. They feel the better allergy and asthma symptoms are controlled prior to illness, the better the patient will do if they contract the COVID19 virus. For that reason, we are trying to contact our asthma patients and schedule a TELEHEALTH visit to make sure we are doing all we can to keep your child safe and healthy. If your child is not having acute problems with illness, we do not have to see them on the video conference. 

There is concern that using a nebulizer vastly increasing the likelihood of viral spread to others. IF YOUR CHILD HAS A NEBULIZER PLEASE DO NOT USE IT !    Call us to discuss other options.

If your child is having a flair up of allergy or asthma symptoms, please call us to schedule a TELEHEALTH visit to discuss .

These visits, like the sick visits are covered by insurance and for now the copay is waived.


We  are encouraging all of our families how have childern on medication for ADD to have their medication follow -up visits via TELEHEALTH rather then coming into the office. For many, we need to discuss how to optimize medication while your child is not able to attend school. You child does not need to be present for the TELEHEALTH visit unless your would like for them to talk directly to the doctor. We would like for your to get a weight on your child if possible prior to the visit. 

These visits are covered by insurance and for now most copays are  waived.