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COVID 19 4/14/20
April 14, 2020
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Our office is open from 8AM - 4PM Monday thru Friday. Due to low patient volume, we will not be having Saturday morning office hours until further notice.

The Center for Disease Control ( CDC ) and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that we continue to provide well child check -ups especially for those children needing immunizations. We continue to see only Well check -ups in the mornings. We are seeing a few Sick patients in the afternoon but most of our Sick visits are done using Telemedicine. We wear masks during all visits to protect our patients.

When you come to our office for a Sick or Well visit, we ask that you stay in your car and text us from you cell phone .

Sick - 205-223-9105

Well - 205-240-8441

We will text you back letting you know when to come through our empty waiting room.

You may be receiving a call from our staff to schedule a visit for your child. If you wish to wait on a check up until after "shelter in place" has been lifted, you can go ahead and schedule a visit for this summer. If you wish to come to the office now, be assured that we are doing everything possible to keep you and your child safe. Please call us if you have ANY questions about COVID 19 or any other issues having to do with your family's health.