Asthma Follow Up

For children who have asthma, we require a minimum 6 month asthma follow-up visit, in addition to a yearly well visit. Your child's provider may recommend follow-up visits more often. The purpose of this visit is to assess and fully optimize your child's asthma control using the least amount of medication possible. For optimal assessment, the asthma follow-up visit cannot be combined with a sick visit.

Please fill out the forms below and bring them to your asthma follow -up visit. Also bring all meds to your visit, especially inhalers and spacers. Be prepared to discuss how often your child is needing their rescue (albuterol) inhaler. 

Also complete the top portion of the school medication form and bring to visit if needed:

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In Case of Emergency

In a true medical emergency, please call 911. During office hours, please call our main number 205-856-4440. After office hours, please call our answering service at 205-930-4322. One of our providers is always on call to care for your child.

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