Tots 'n' Teens Pediatrics accepts most commercial insurance plans as well as Medicaid. Please verify that Tots 'n' Teens Pediatrics is part of your insurance plan's network of providers prior to your first appointment with us. For Medicaid please make sure your child has been assigned to one of our providers (you may call our billing office at 205- 856-4440 ext 6 for help with this).

Bring all insurance cards so the we can file the insurance claims on your behalf and coordinate benefits if your child is covered by more than one plan.

Some insurance companies have begun to offer new plans with a narrow network of providers. As new plans are offered or as new providers join our group, Tots 'n' Teens Pediatrics makes every effort to have all of our providers become in network with these plans. Some plans are no longer allowing new providers to join the network and therefore with some plans you will only be able to see certain providers in our group. We suggest that you review your options carefully before selecting a plan to insure that we can continue to provide care for your children.

After your visit, we will file your insurance and then send you a statement if any balance is owed. Please note some services are not covered in full by your insurance company.

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In Case of Emergency

In a true medical emergency, please call 911. During office hours, please call our main number 205-856-4440. After office hours, please call our answering service at 205-930-4322. One of our providers is always on call to care for your child.

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